Commit c762719d authored by Jakob Zierk's avatar Jakob Zierk

Minor changes.

parent d860d675
from kosmic import kosmic
import json
rs = {}
results = {}
for analyte in ["Hb", "Leu", "Thr"]:
for group in ["A", "AB", "ABC", "ABCD", "BC", "BCD", "CD"]:
decimals = { "Hb": 1, "Leu": 1, "Thr": 0 }[analyte]
with open("anonymous-patient-data/" + analyte + "-" + group + ".txt") as f:
samples = [float(line) for line in f]
rs[analyte + "-" + group] = kosmic(samples, decimals, bootstrap=100)
results[analyte + "-" + group] = kosmic(samples, decimals, bootstrap=100)
with open("results/patient-data.json", "w") as json_file:
json.dump(rs, json_file)
json.dump(results, json_file)
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