Commit 94a22053 authored by kapsner's avatar kapsner

added custom tMDataLoader Config.groovy to our custom_config folder

parent e5b78824
// sample configuration file
// replace DB parameters and dataDir with the actual values
db.hostname = 'localhost'
db.port = 5432 // change this to 5432 for PostgreSQL version
db.sid = 'xe'
db.username = 'tm_dataloader'
db.password = 'tm_dataloader'
// Comment or delete the following two lines for PostgreSQL:
//db.jdbcConnectionString = "jdbc:oracle:thin:@//${db.hostname}:${db.port}/${db.sid}"
//db.jdbcDriver = 'oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver'
// Uncomment the following 3 lines for PostgreSQL:
db.jdbcConnectionString = "jdbc:postgresql://${db.hostname}:${db.port}/transmart"
db.jdbcDriver = 'org.postgresql.Driver'
db.sql.storedProcedureSyntax = 'PostgreSQL'
// The following specifies a directory containing studies
// It should have the proper data structure, for instance:
// Public Studies
// Multiple Sclerosis_Baranzini_GSE13732
// ClinicalData
// ExpressionData
// Multiple Sclerosis_Goertsches_GSE24427
// ClinicalDataToUpload
// ExpressionDataToUpload
// As of 0.8 and higher, folders can be nested, e.g: \Public Studies\Test\Multiple Sclerosis_Baranzini_GSE13732
dataDir = '/home/transmart/transmart/tMDataLoader/studies'
// Do not rename if failed (-n option)
// isNoRenameOnFail = true
// Override default ETL behavior and put VISIT NAME prior to data value (--visit-name-first option)
// If you set this, you may still use --data-value-first to override
// visitNameFirst = true
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